Toronto kitchen reno trends are ever changing.

What Are The Changes?

GTA Kitchen RenoToronto kitchen reno trends are ever changing. We all wish to renovate our current kitchens since we are rarely the ones who designed it in the first place. Individual needs and individual tastes are unique to everyone, so it is very rare for us to find an existing kitchen which has the right design & decor that clicks with us. And when you add specific functionality of the kitchen to the formula, the chances of us running into the perfect kitchen to call our own becomes even more unlikely.


Endless List Of Kitchen Wants And Needs


So when we consider kitchen renovation, we often create a check list of what has to be done. What style of cabinetry and colour scheme? What type of countertop and its design? What type of tiles for the backsplash? What make of appliances? What kind of kitchen fixtures will be installed? As you seriously contemplate kitchen renovation, you will often realize that your list is endless. As your knowledge of kitchen renovation increases through research, your wants and needs will both increase as well.


Losing The Big Picture


This tends to happen due to our inability to see the project as a whole. We will usually get fixated on the small things, such as wanting specific hardware or light fixtures. And these small things will infinitely add up, making the actual project endless or simply impossible. Since we do not all design or renovate kitchens for a living, there is no way for us to have the insight or experience regarding kitchen renovation, which makes making an informed decision very difficult.


The Perfect Help


Here is where companies such as CP Design comes into play. CP Design is a professional design firm who specializes in renovations of homes and commercial properties. They are able to design your dream kitchen from scratch or can work with your existing ideas to come up with a realistic plan which can be executed. Since CP Design is able to view the project from a professional perspective, they will be able to point out any potential issues even before the project is commenced. Having such insight and thought out plan is what makes dream renovations into a reality.


Find The Right People Through The Right People


Renovation nightmare stories are dime a dozen these days. The situation is so bad that there are even television shows dedicated to exposing such botched renovations. By having a professional such as CP Design as your guide, you will be able to connect with the right contractors who will do the job right. Rather than being forced to cold call companies to find what you’re looking for, you can rely on CP Design to assemble the right team based on their previous experiences.


Results Speak For Themselves


In the end, nothing is more important than results. Trying to cut corners here and there can end up costing you greatly in the long run. Rather than to suffer on your own, you should seek the aid of CP Design to start and finish your project as pleasantly as possible. To receive consultation regarding your home renovation projects, visit or call 416-200-0668 today.


The following are satisfied clients with whom I have worked closely. Testimonials are available on demand.


Bathroom repair - Kingsway
Complete home renovation - The Manor
Coach house renovation / children’s bedrooms – Kilbride
Bathroom renovation / finishes - Kilbride
Kitchen renovation - Caledon
Kitchen renovation - Richmond Hill
Kitchen renovation / complete condo - Etobicoke
Complete condo renovation – Yorkville
Complete basement renovation – Annex
Kitchen renovation / bedroom / window treatments - Etobicoke
Bathroom - Etobicoke
Condo renovation - Palace Place
Kitchen renovation - Brampton
Condo renovation - St Lawrence Market
Basement renovation / custom pool room - Etobicoke
Master bedroom / children’s bedroom - Avenue Road
Bathroom / basement renovation - Bayview
Finishes / furniture - Kingsway


Fogolars Country Club: ball room renovation / bar / custom ceiling - Oakville
Machine-a-Matic: men’s & women’s bathrooms - Newmarket
Micro-Pigmentation Centre / Times-2 Filing:  showroom / kitchen renovation - Mississauga
Starlake Homes: 4 custom built homes - Beaches